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To: Ish Tzaddik Haya Foundation

Per your request during our phone conversation, you have asked that I send a wriiten request.

My family’s financial situation is difficult. My husband is suffering from mental illness (depression and anxiety). I didn’t send the letter due to his condition. I took him to GEHA. I was mess – what to do with the little children, etc.  Currently he is being treated with pills and was referred for treatment of his feet – he suffers from severe Flat Feet. (He was sent for x-rays and to the Beilinson Hospital’s foot clinic.)

He doesn’t work and neither do I as I have given birth on 19.9.14. Currently the Welfare Department is assisting me with placing my children in kindergartens so I can find work and provide for my family. We live in a caravan, 34 square meters. Five souls: my husband, me, my three-year-old son, my little boy who is 1.5 years old and my little baby girl, three months old.

I would be happy to accept whatever assistance you may give – I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have a lot of expenses and debts, which I am trying to deal with. I was referred to the Pa’amonim Organization for whom I completed the documents and they should be contacting me.

Thank you and have a good day,

The Yaaov Family

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