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19 May 2016 / 0 comments / no category / by Israel

18 Adar, 5772


To Rabbi Chaim Eideles Shlita

My name is Avraham ______ , I.D. # ____________

I live in a rental in Jerusalem. My monthly rent is 3,000 NIS. I learn in a Kollel. Our financial situation is dire and we do not have food for our two children. My wife does not feel very well and is suffering from mild postpartum depression. Baruch Hashem she is recovering.

My wife prepares food for my little son by mixing milk, water and rice instead of Similac because we do not have the money for the formula. Our son eats only Similac and we cannot afford to purchase food for him.

The daughter of Rebbetzin Levin knows my mother who lives in Machane Yehuda, near Yeshivat Hashalom.

My mother’s and my family’s situation is too difficult to bear.

I therefore ask of you to kindly help us in any way you can.

The address is that of my mother’s because we keep moving and don’t have a permanent address.

Happy holiday,

Attached please find recommendations.

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