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10 Sivan, 5775 – 18.5.15

To Ish Tzaddik Haya
A letter of thanks and appreciation

I would like to briefly tell you about our first meeting with the esteemed Rabbi. Approximately four years ago, completely by chance, though there is no ‘chance’, my son and his wife scheduled a meeting with the esteemed rabbi.  We asked to join them. We sat down with the esteemed rabbi for about five minutes, when he then excused himself and went into his room to converse on the phone for a half an hour. What I remember clearly is that the esteemed rabbi spoke with a tsaddik by the name of Yisrael and asked him to contact us. The following day Yisrael contacted us and scheduled a meeting that lasted for five hours.

In front of us sat a man who with all his will wanted to listen and to help us. He is simply an angel, to whom we began to tell our story.

We are parents to two married sons, who between them have three small children. About 16 years ago my husband and I established an import business for glassware. The children were still serving in the army. Upon their discharge from the army, each son in his own time joined our business to help. Everything went well until clients started to bounce checks. Businesses were closed and the banks discontinued our credit line, and to our regret we got embroiled in the gray market. The business quickly deteriorated and at the end the banks appropriated our apartment and the tax authorities repossessed our four vehicles.

In 2004, the business closed and due to the grim situation we were entrapped in my husband suffered from deep depression, and was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward at the Tel Hashomer Hospital. He had four heart attacks, three catheterizations and stent insertions. His 100% disability is recognized nowadays by the Social Security Department. In 2006 I was diagnosis with advanced cirrhosis of the liver and I too am recognized with 100% disability by the Social Security services. As a result of a fall, I have titanium plates in my right leg, which totally limits my normal functionality. Due to high blood sugar, my husband requires three types of insulin daily. We need 1200 NIS each month for his medications.

At this point, the Ish Tzaddik Haya foundation got involved in our lives. When Yisrael first came to us he found a physically and emotionally devastated family. We did not stop crying during his entire visit. Our sons were threatened by the gray market. They were unemployed and did not have food to bring home.

During all these years the esteemed rabbi and Yisrael supported us without ever stopping and helped us emotionally, financially and spiritually, support that was truly needed. We had no money to pay the electric, gas and other bills.  Every other week we found by the door boxes filled with food, which helped us and the children on Shabbat and weekday meals. Every day anew we woke up to chaos. Our friends left us and we were completely alone. Of course, thanks to the esteemed rabbi and Yisrael we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yisrael and his wife came to visit and support us. They were the only ones knocking on our door other than the creditors.

The children and we were bankrupt, and though the court initially decreed that we should each return 200 NIS per month we were not able to afford it as we were subsiding on disability payments, which we used to pay rent and buy medicine. Thanks to the Ish Tzaddik Haya foundation we were able to live with dignity and had the ability to buy medications and travel to the hospital for exams and treatments. The children also could not pay off their debt and again the Ish Tzaddik Haya foundation helped each of us in sums that amounted to 52000 NIS, given to the repossession agents. This of course does not include the help that we received over the years. Thanks to them our children found employment. Our older son’s bankruptcy was discharged as did mine and my husband’s. Only my younger son still awaits his, which will with the help of Hashem come soon.

I cannot express in words all the things that were done and continue to be done for us. For that I shall need to write a book. May there be many people like them. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and their willingness to help others. This should not be taken for granted. Always ready to help, they devoted their time to us rather than their own family. Thanks to them we can breathe easy. These people contributed so much of their time, hours of encouraging talks. Like children that desire candy, so did we wait for our angel Yisrael, which is how we called him, and for his amazing wife Avital to knock on our door. They were the only ones that knocked.

We pray that there will be many foundations like Ish Tzaddik Haya that are willing to help, help and help with no end in sight.  We wish that you continue this holy work. We want to thank the esteemed rabbi and his wonderful family. Yisrael and Avital and their family for their patience, we do not have enough words to show our gratitude. And thank you to all the good people who contribute as thanks to them the Ish Tzaddik Haya organization can help us and all the other needy families.

Thank you and much appreciation.

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