Thank you by Bat Shem

19 May 2016 / 0 comments / no category / by Israel


To: Ish Tzaddik Haya Foundation
Presided by Rabbi Chaim Eideles, Shlita

I want to thank the Ish Tzaddik Haya foundation for all the help that was provided to us.

Due to our financial state and debts, I applied to the Ish Tzaddik Haya organization and explained my situation, that I was pregnant and that I was worried about managing financially. They promised their help.

And indeed, after giving birth, they sent me vouchers redeemable in the supermarket for Materna formula and baby essentials.  They truly touched me. This was very helpful to me as were the phone conversations during which they encouraged me. I thank them for it and am happy to realize that there are good people who contribute and help, and fortunate we are that they exist.

Much thanks for the help.

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