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My name is Ada and my husband is Yaron – Yechiel. We came here in order to thank Hashem in front of all for all the good, the chessed and the miracle that He has bestowed up us.

My life story can be compared to a rollercoaster ride. Nineteen years ago, after seven years of grueling fertility treatments, amazing twin girls were born to us, Orel and Shiri. Wonderful, quality girls whose leadership skills left their mark everywhere they went.

When Shiri was eight, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease from which she was expected to completely recover during puberty. Shiri was treated with drugs and despite the disease she continued to lead in many areas. She was a beloved counselor in the Scouts and she was also active in the in theater.

It should be noted that during her life, Shiri faith was strong. She prayed and believed that the Creator of the Universe will listen to her prayers. At the age of sixteen and a half, there was a deterioration of her kidney disease. Shiri’s condition worsened until she passed away.

This great tragedy fell on us and our happy and lively home turned sad and deserted. We are from a traditional home and believe in Hashem, but we asked questions and sought answers and our faith was weakening. During that time as friend suggested that we meet with Rabbi Chaim Eideles. To my delight shortly after the rabbi was told about us a meeting was set up.

My brother accompanied me to the first meeting as my husband refused to come and refused to hear.

Upon our entrance to rabbi’s home there was a sense of holiness. Already in the beginning of the meeting we felt trust in the rabbi. After a long conversation I saw in him the messenger who gave me hop that I would be able to bring a new life to this world despite my advanced age of 50.

During the two years of fertility treatments, hope, despair, and two surgeries, the rabbi reinforced my hope that I will carry a child. Toward the last treatment, the fifth, I came to the rabbi once more and thankfully my husband accompanied me to the meeting.

This meeting took place two weeks before the next scheduled treatment. The rabbi told me that I will be pregnant and will give birth to a daughter.

Indeed, against all odds and despite medical advice to refrain from additional treatments, I became pregnant. There is no doubt that a great miracle happened to us.

The pregnancy was not easy nor simple, but throughout – the dear rabbi and the man who is his right hand gave us strength and fortified our belief that all will be fine with God’s help and that we are being protect from above.

A month ago a wonderful girl was born to us. Her name is Shira. And just like the rabbi said since the day I met with him, Shira (song) has entered our home.

As mentioned above, we came here today with a bottle of wine to raise a ‘l’chaim’ and give thanks to the Creator of the Universe for the tremendous miracle that He brought upon us and to thank Him for bringing Shira into our lives.

I want to take this opportunity to say the blessing in front of all, Birkat Hagomel, the Blessing of Thanksgiving.

ברוך אתה ה’ אלוקינו מלך העולם הגומל לחייבים טובות שגמלני כל טוב!
Blessed are You, Lord our God, ruler of the universe, who bestows kindness on those who are committed, and who has granted to me all kindness.

Thank you.


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