Contribution through The Central Fund of Israel / CFI 

:To send your tax-deductible donation to Ish Tzadik Haya through the Central Fund of Israel

Make your check payable to the Central Fund of Israel

The Central Fund of Israel is an IRS approved 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. All Dollar donations are tax exempt in the USA.

Tax ID number:  13-2992985. For more info visit their website:

Designate your check to Ish Tzadik Haya by either clearly earmarking (\memo) the check or designate it in a separate attached letter.

Please state clearly the mailing address for your donation receipt.

(For checks under $250, the returned check is the receipt – as per U.S. tax code).

Mail your check to:

Central Fund of Israel

461 Central Avenue

Cedarhurst, NY 11516



Central Fund of Israel

c/o Jay Marcus

13 Hagoel st

Efrat ,  90435,  ISRAEL

RECOMMENDATIOAN: Send a short update by email to Ish Tzadik Haya so that we can verify that the donation was properly received and :forwarded to the Ish TZadik Haya account

Israel Orlan – CEO
Amutat "Ish Tzadik Haya"