Expensive vital drugs not covered by the
national insurance formulary!

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Helping hungry babies

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Helping patients in hospitals

Dental surgery

Helping children with oral rehabilitation

How can you help?

A. Use your credit card to donate – here

B. Call 1-700-700-999 (Israel Only) to donate via bank transfer or recurring payments

Choose the initiative you wish to promote:
1. Assistance for the sick
2. Feeding hungry babies
3. Support needy families
4. Ish Tzaddik Haya discretionary fund

What do we do?

Ish Tzaddik Haya support for families and individuals:
1. Assistance for children in need for mouth, palate and teeth restoration, following radiation and chemotherapy.
2. Providing financially strapped families with their babies’ basic necessities, including diapers and baby formula.
3. Obtaining life-saving medicine that is not included in the national health insurance formulary (סל תרופות).
4. Financial assistance and support.

Who are we?

The Ish Tzaddik Haya nonprofit organization is directed by Rabbi Chaim Eideles and operated by a volunteer board that represents a wide range of industries and social affiliations. The board members, professionals in the fields of economics, law, banking, business, education, construction, finance and infrastructure, united by a shared cause: A desire to help, assist and support people in need.


An opportunity to contribute is a privilege!

It is a zchut to help children who, thank God, survived cancer and the painful and debilitating radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It is your privilege to help fund the restoration of their oral cavity, teeth and gums that were damaged by the life-saving treatments.

It is a blessing to assist a sick person who is unable to acquire pain-alleviating medicine as it is also a reminder to be grateful for our health.

It will warm your heart to diminish the destitution of a mother forced to dilute her baby’s formula or deal with baby’s extensive rashes due to the shortage of diapers.

Remember! It is in your hands and it is your privilege.

Help us help them and ease suffering and distress.

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Feeding Hungry Babies

It is heart-wrenching when mothers cannot calm hungry babies due to lack of nutrition. It is distressing when mothers dilute powdered formula or feed babies with sugar-water that results in vital vitamins and minerals deficiency, and when babies’ diaper are changed infrequently, resulting in painful and dangerous rashes on babies’ gentle skin. We are here to help.

סיוע בסלי מזון

Financial Assistance

The escalation in the cost of living and ever-increasing needs bring about financial challenges for many families, and unfortunately, even with both parents working, financial well-being is not guaranteed. The Ish Tzaddik Haya organization provides financially-strapped families who meet the organization’s eligibility criteria with basic food staples.

עזרה לחולים

Medicinal Assistance

Despite Israel’s health ministry’s effort to include all life-saving drugs in the formulary, there are life-saving, life-extending or life-enhancing expensive drugs that are not covered by the national health insurance.  The foundation assists in procuring such drugs for patients who cannot afford them and would otherwise be destined for a life of suffering and pain.


Oral Restoration

Damage to the oral cavity is a common side-effect to chemo and radiation administered to the neck and head areas of cancer-stricken children. The cost of restoration of the mouth, palate and teeth is far beyond Kupat Cholim’s coverage. Ish Tsaddik Haya aids the already physically, emotionally and financially drained families, who otherwise may forgo the treatment.

הרב לאתר 777

Torah and Halacha Lectures

Included in our Torah activities are weekly Torah, Halacha, and Hashkafa classes, the distribution of the Weekly Parsha newsletter, and the holding of special prayers gatherings. The classes are taught by the president of the organization, Rabbi Chaim Eideles. Some of the lectures are broadcast on the radio, and some live. All the lectures are available on the Ish Tzadik Haya website. Every Rosh Chodesh eve, the organization holds Yom Kippur Katan services at Rabbi Aryeh Levin’s gravesite in Jerusalem, which is open to the public.


Volunteering with Special Needs Children

We coordinate a volunteer effort that helps children and youth with special needs. Our focus is on helping children with social interaction difficulties; children who were diagnosed with various disorders and syndromes such as ADHD, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, Autism, Social Autism, etc. Our volunteer activities deal with the social and emotional aspects, with an emphasis on organizing entertainment, singing, dancing, and fun activities.

איש על כסא גלגלים

Volunteering with the Elderly

Upon reaching an advanced age, our parents and our grandparents, who raised us with devotion, who invested in us all their strength and energy, need our attention and our assistance. We consider it a moral obligation to stand by them, to bring joy to their lives, to encourage them, and to assist them in all their needs. Our volunteer activities are carried out in the homes of needy elderly as well as in the less attended to, ‘less desirable’ nursing homes, where we provide entertainment that brings a joyfulness that brightens their days.


Volunteering in Hospitals

Children in hospitals need special attention. Our volunteers spend time with the kids, cheer them up, are there for them in their difficult moments, and make it possible for parents to have a bit of break, to rest and to relax somewhat. Our volunteers usually spend time in the hospitals on days and at times that few others are available for the kids, like in the afternoons, during Chol Hamoed, on Yom HaAtzmaut, and on Fridays, etc.

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