Volunteering with the Elderly

In recent years, the number of elderly in the State of Israel has been steadily increasing.

As the age of the elderly increases, their needs change. With the deterioration of their health, the decline of their daily functioning, and the increased challenge of mobility inside and outside their home, their social and communal isolation ensues.

Our parents and our grandparents, who until recently raised us, invested in us, changed our diapers, find themselves now needing our support. Times have changed.

Not all the elderly have the help and support of their immediate family, and then there are those  who do not want to become a burden to their families. These elderly folks seek assistance in environments geared toward helping them, such as nursing homes and homes for the aged.

It is no secret that the level of care and service and the quality of life in the homes for the elderly is a direct derivative of financial ability.  The less economically fortunate often find themselves in poor nursing homes where they receive but basic care.

At Ish Tzadik Haya Foundation, we feel obligated to repay our fathers, mothers, and grandparents and do what we can to cheer them up, bring smiles to their faces, and impress upon them our recognition of their importance to us and of the importance of their contribution in years past.

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How Do We Help?

Our efforts are primarily focused on the social sphere, where our volunteers devote their time to a cause they believe is of supreme importance.

The institutions we volunteer in are those that are “less desirable” as their residents are of lesser financial means, and therefore receive bare minimum assistance and attention.

Our volunteer effort is executed in nursing homes that meet the above criteria, where   we engage the elderly in creative work, social games, heart-to-heart talks.

Among our volunteers are entertainment professionals, who help us organize public singing, music and even short plays.

Due to the success of our programs, and the excellent feedback we received from residents and staff at the nursing homes, we are eager to expand number of volunteers and increase our activities.

If you would like to join us in this blessed activity, please contact us by clicking on the link below.