Volunteering at Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center – Bnei Brak

.On September 12, 2017, our volunteers worked with sick children at the Mayanei Hayeshua hospital in Bnei Brak

It is exciting to see a child who stayed in his room for two days, refusing to come out, respond to our volunteers. When our volunteers arrived, they cheer him up with all small gifts and games, and got through to him. He began to soften, smile and rejoice with them and then got out of bed and left his room with a mile to join the activities with the other kids.  The child’s mother was beyond herself, not finding words sufficient of thanks and praise for the volunteers who brought about this wonderful change in her son.

.The Ish Tzadik Haya Volunteers also worked with all the other kids in the Mayanei HaYeshua children’s ward, and engaged them with arts and crafts

.An pained and suffering seven-year-old girl expressed her heartfelt gratitude in writing, as you can see in the picture posted below

.We pray for the success of the treatments and for the children’s safe and sound return to their families

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10 Adar II, 5775
March 30, 2016

RE: Recommendation to Ish Tzaddik Haya Foundation, presided by Rabbi Chaim Eideles

The work of the Ish Tzaddik Haya Organization efforts are instilled with chesed and its tremendous contribution saves lives. The foundation focuses on two needs in the population.

It assists patients suffering from neurological and cardiovascular diseases that require medical treatment not covered by the national formulary. Rabbi Eideles, a previous board member of the committee that determines the national formulary, is familiar with the devastation of patients who cannot afford the costly medical treatment and therefore he chose to devote his efforts to this life-saving endeavor.

The foundation also allocates much of its activity toward supplying basic infant necessities, including baby formula, for needy families. This venture is conducted in cooperation with municipal welfare agencies.

The chairman of the Ish Tzaddik Haya Foundation, Rabbi Eideles, is known to me personally and I have witnessed the devotion with which he acts on behalf of the people of Israel.

This is a blessed enterprise deserving of accolades.

Tzippi Hotobelli
Deputy Foreign Minister
State of Israel

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