Volunteering at Bayer Nursing home in Jerusalem

On 15.9.17 our  volunteer initiative that took place on the eve of Shabbat consisted of the appropriate theme. Shabbat.

Our volunteers came prepared, equipped with musical instruments, personal grooming material, and arts and craft. They engaged the elderly in fun activities and games.

One of the volunteers used her talents and did hair and makeup for some of the elderly ladies. The effort delighted residents as they enjoyed that unique and special personal attention.

Later many of the residents joined a guitar playing volunteer who led them in songs that delighted their hearts and their souls.

The charge nurse asked that we send our volunteers as often as possible, having witnessed the joy that spread among the nursing home residents.

See photos below.




הוד השרון 8

Volunteering at Hod Hasharon Nursing Home

On 14.7.17 our volunteers engaged the elderly at the nursing home with arts and crafts, drawing, and drama. One of the volunteers organized an intriguing and fascinating chess tournament.

In addition, the Ta’ami Tevel dance group joined our volunteers and performed Chasidic folklore dances, as well as Yemenite and Sephardic Jewry, to the delight of the elderly residents.

The fantastic activities were done out of great love and faith. The tremendously positive feedback was echoed by one of the social workers who said, “They brought a breath of fresh air, cheerfulness and joy to our residents . . . as they paid personal attention to each of the residents. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of this contribution to the joyfulness of our residents, whose happiness was evident despite their limitations.”

Our volunteers too had experienced a sense of fulfillment as they succeeded in bringing joy to the vulnerable and the lonely.

Praiseworthy is the people that has this; Praiseworthy is the nation that these are their sons and their daughters.

Below are photos from the activity at the nursing home.

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