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22 May 2016 / 0 comments / no category / by Israel

I suffer from multiple sclerosis now ten years. Following a worsening of my condition, it was determined that the steroid treatment I was receiving was no longer sufficient and that there is a need for a more aggressive treatment called MABTHERA, a type of chemotherapy.

These days, the insurance covers this drug only for cancer patients. As I am not a cancer patient I am forced to purchase this medication on my own.

The cost of a 500ml Ampule 9,104 NIS, times four = 2,000 cc = 36,416 NIS per treatment. I am supposed to get a double dose.

I gave birth three months ago and immediately thereafter I received 2000 cc and again a day later. It was effective in eliminating external lesions, but unfortunately new ones have now appeared. The doctor has recommended an additional dose, and that is why I am asking for your help.

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